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When Ava was two or three days ago, her mother was starving but her mother was apart, dad Allen Lamarr is not working junior. had to improvise. In a Facebook post that is now heading for a virus, Did not invent a superb breastfeeding for your baby to hijack males using a jar. "My wife left your house with the hungry baby [she] would not make a jar and I also failed to follow simple and proven steps," Hi America's father of two told the newspaper. In online video, to mimic the breastfeeding of your baby, do not work further down the tank and then pass a jar underneath so that your areola with the jar is overcome. "The baby knew something was not exactly the same, but she had it because I guess it was comfortable," he said in a job interview with U. s . These days. It does not work, who lives in Hattiesburg, Overlook. In the company of his partner Alexis and their children, he told GMA that he contributed to the video "to show people that there are different ways of doing things," adding that "whenever you care about someone, you can do something to make it work, even if you do not have the resources. " And he says this partner, Alexis, loved his initiatives, telling GMA that she "laughed about it". Although Fails' online video is attracting more and more attention to social websites, with more than 19 feedingbottle.biz million landscapes to date, the very first dad has come up with such an ingenious cure. Some fathers used fake tweezers to breastfeed, while some, like this one, even allowed their toddlers to take over their own bodies, providing what professionals call "comfort and ease of nursing" , which is the moment when toddlers like to suck cool instead of consume. 404 The content p>

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