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Audemars Piguet, a haute Horlogerie producer, will show a work by Chinese craftsman Cheng Ran on their remain in the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong. The work, entitled Circadian Rhythm, is a piece of a progression of joint efforts with craftsmen offering expression to Audemars Piguet's social and geographic inceptions. It speaks to the craftsman's elucidation of the produce's home in the Swiss Jura Mountains, mirroring the watchmaker's feeling of profound established history, its associations with nature and responsibility to inventiveness, development and autonomy. Joining Audemars Piguet's roots with his own particular visual world, Cheng Ran has made a video establishment set in the Vallée de Joux which transports the watcher on a trip amongst scene and soundscape, streaming flawlessly through water, overgrown backwoods and inside the smaller scale universe of watches. As the film unfurls, an unpretentious soundtrack of regular sounds entwined with the mechanical ticks radiating from the heart of confounded watches mixes with the sights of the beautiful backwoods and streams caught in the region of Audemars Piguet's home. The enamoring arrangement impels the watcher somewhere inside Cheng Ran's universe, while additionally passing on the one of a kind environment of the characteristic setting that has, over eras, supported the Manufacture's spearheading soul. Conceived in internal Mongolia in 1981, Cheng Ran is a standout amongst the most vital individuals from a more youthful era of Chinese specialists. He is known for pushing the limits of video craftsmanship through establishments that acquire intensely from both Chinese and Western culture and history. Visual portrayals of time and space every now and again supplant accounts in his tasks. In 2016 he was welcomed on a three-month residency at The New Museum in New York, in association with the K11 Art Foundation just before Audemars Piguet joined forces with Cheng Ran in October 2016 while showing his work at the Yuz Museum, Shanghai, in conjunction with the Audemars Piguet watch history display To Break the Rules, You Must First Master Them. Craftsman Cheng Ran stated: "I was motivated by the masterfulness and tender loving care Audemars Piguet devotes to making one single timepiece. I trust watchers will appreciate the immersive journey I have made through scenes and soundscapes, transporting them through exploratory sorts of media. I am appreciative to have been allowed to proceed with my adventure with Audemars Piguet since the piece was exhibited in Shanghai toward the finish of a year ago."

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