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Sigma broadcasts pricing & option of their MC-21 Attach Converters

said to provide new converters. The converter presents users of the T-Attach digital, including the Panasonic S1, the new amount of reminders created by Panasonic that can use T-Attach methods. The converter makes possible the mirror-less digital camera with Leica, including the AF-Azines autofocus method, as well as the zoom lens support lights, corrective distortions. Thus, a large image that you will take EXIF ​​EXET will learn the supervision of the production records of articles. In addition, this card number on Sigma's ConverterOrContact card is personal.

Once we had wished, Sigma had chosen the exhibition "Cerebral Palsy +" in Yokohama to give us an update in itself. informed the whole world he was working on recently. According to T-Rumors, Sigma announces pricing it is interesting to note that the new digital camera will come with a 60 megapixel detection unit. Out of the usual box for Sigma, this can use its Foveon design that stacks 3-20. 3MP detectors collectively to get this resolution. Sigma said it was using a new chip company to add mass to the Foveon - TSI Semiconductors detection unit, based mainly in California. The worst Sigma mirrorless cameras at mirrorlesscameras reports that the digital camera, guaranteed for 2019, will probably not be out of stock before finally next year, according to an exhibition distributed by Sigma Boss Kazuto Yamaki. Sigma is part of the T-Attach Coalition, a three-way partnership that combines Sigma, Leica and Panasonic to create a new full-frame mirrorless digital camera system. Previously with Cerebral Palsy +, Sigma reported 11 lenses for this T-clip - made by Leica and used on the Leica SL. Panasonic and T-attached digital cameras will start selling on Player 18, with three of T-attach's personal lenses. Usually, Foveon detectors purchased a unique 3-pad design - with individual levels for orange, red and green photosites. This is really different from the typical developed Bayer used on most other digital cameras, in which a mix of orange, red and green photo websites was used Sigma 60.9MP L-mount in a 1-layer routine. Initially, Sigma used the Foveon detection unit on its SD9 digital camera in 2002 - and had tried it with a sequence of digital cameras and compact digital cameras ever since.

Making digital without a mirror becomes a brilliant Sigma. allowing to become light They go back the section ILC in healthy growth. In a job interview of Cerebral 2019 in Yokohama, a week ago, "admits. Significantly, Sigma is the alliance with Leica. It extended the plant by 30% in 2016 to the transformation of needs. The said to be 11 next coming from Mister Yamaki Sigma's never-to-be-known-mirror-what-Foveon-unit-of-nine-image-Pixel-image-Fareon-frame-full-probably-be-up -next. .